funeral package


  1. 1.Quality Caskets – Wide Selection of Quality casket at reasonable
  2. prices for cremation or burial.
  3. 2.Rental of Funeral parlours and Hearse
  4. 3.Funeral packages available for different religions (Economic and VIP)
  5. 4.Trained to handle funeral arrangements in the most professional
  6. manner according to wishes of the family or deceased
  7. 5.Professional embalming and make-up services
  8. 6.Professional international repatriation services
  9. 7.Arrangement of booking of cremation and burial timing
  10. 8.Tentage set-up for HDB void-deck, private properties, open space
  11. 9.Altar setup for all religions
  12. 10.Pall-bearer services
  13. • Collect deceased from hospital or home
  14. • Transportation to our office for embalming
  15. • Transportation of deceased and casket to funeral wake
  16. • Pall bearer provided on day of funeral service
  1. 11.Obituary placements (straits times, 早报,晚报)
  2. 12.Photo enlargement services, floral photo frame
  3. 13.Buffet catering and table snacks services
  4. 14.Drinks, peanuts, fridge, toilet
  5. 15.Aircon bus rental
  6. 16.Musical band
  7. 17.Ash Collection services
  8. 18.Urns for storage of ash
  9. 19.Pre-planning/ advance planning
  10. 20.Free funeral services for the needy
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